Yinda Infocomm Limited (“Yinda Infocomm”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a regional integrated and innovative communication solutions and services provider with operations in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Yinda Infocomm has completed numerous projects in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia since 2011.

Leveraging on its technical know-how and expertise in communications solutions, Yinda Infocomm offers integrated and innovative communications solutions and services to communications network operators and communications network equipment vendors to suit the evolving needs of mobile device users. The Group’s comprehensive solutions and services encompass a wide spectrum of solutions and services in the telecommunications value chain. Through its solutions and services, the Group provides seamless access to wireless connectivity among mobile device users.

Yinda Infocomm’s business is divided into four main segments: (i) In-Building Coverage, (ii) Outdoor Construction, (iii) Telecommunications Implementation, and (iv) Maintenance Services.

The Group’s established track record and long standing relationships with reputable customers, suppliers and communications network equipment vendors; its ability to provide full turnkey solutions, as well as its ability to meet the evolving requirements of customers, have given it a strong competitive edge in the telecommunications industry.